Thursday, June 09, 2011

Crochet Eye Candy

Let's face it; we're hooked on crochet and everything it has to do with, ie yarn, hooks, crochet patterns, etc. In this new, ongoing feature, I am going to share photos and links of some of the things I find interesting in crochet. I might just include some knitting, also!

I LOVE this pineapple crochet sarong, designed by Dora Ohrenstein, in the current issue of Crochet Today! The beautiful, lacy pineapple stitch is one of my all time favorites and it looks as though this could be stitched up quickly using Lustre Sheen instead of thread. The design is also shown as a scarf or wrap, which makes it very versatile.

 Crochet is such an incredible craft, in that it is so versatile! You can go from a very pretty and lacy shawl (as above) to a formed and stuffed item! This adorable crochet chair is an example of how crochet can become anything! I love all the dainty details of this design. The pattern can be purchased from AmiEggs Etsy shop!

Is this the cutest baby hat that you have ever seen? I ♥ it! Crochet baby photography props have become all the rage lately and designers are outdoing themselves to create some of the sweetest looking crochet yet. This adorable Lamb crochet pattern is available for purchase at RAKJ Patterns.


I flipped out when I saw this gorgeous Mega Doily crochet rug!  It is truly a work-of-art. The rug is crocheted with cotton rope and is 3 feet in diameter. It can also be made in custom sizes. I cannot imagine crocheting with any material this large, but I think Ladies and Gentlemen did a beautiful job! The rug carries a hefty price, but I would bet it is worth every penny!

I hope you have enjoyed our first Crochet Eye Candy post. If you crochet and would like to be included in future Eye Candy posts, email me at toocutecrochet AT gmail DOT com
Stay tuned for our next update, which will be another crochet book review and, of course, a GIVEAWAY!

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