Book Review and Giveaway Crochet Geometry

Do you have difficulty with Math or did you struggle with Geometry in high school, but LOVE to crochet garments? Then don't let the title of this new crochet wearables book fool you!
Are you a crochet Math geek who would learning more about manipulating fundamental shapes into intriguing designs and patterns that were born from a collaboration of geometry and art? Then you, too, will love this new crochet wearables book Crochet Geometry by

Once again, I am honored to be reviewing one of Shibaguyz's newest crochet pattern books
Crochet Geometry  published by Lark Crafts.  
Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby continues to be one of my favorite crochet wearables designer.

Shannon's designs are trendy, cutting edge, very well designed and flatter most figures. He always takes the guesswork out of your project by providing all you need to master any of these sophisticated patterns, whether you are a beginner to crochet garment making or a seasoned veteran!

How does Geometry play into these designs? The silhouettes start with basic shapes: circles, rectangles and triangles. The shapes are then sewn together to create some "fashionable garments with minimal shaping and maximum drape."

As always, Shannon has included a generous amount of sizes up to 5X and most have very easy shaping.

This book is chock full of some really beautiful designs in crochet. Shannon continues to out-do himself!

There are 15 designs including shrugs, cardigans and wraps and as always are BEAUTIFULLY photographed and illustrated by Jason Mullett-Bowlsby.

From Shannon's own Introduction:
"The bottom line is this: whether this is your first or your hundredth garment, you will appreciate the use of simple shapes that create powerful visual impact through texture and lace. Finally, there's the bonus benefit--brag-worthy results when you show off your finished work".

 If you would like to read more about Crochet Geometry, you can do so HERE.

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  Lark Crafts contributed a copy of this book for my review.
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