Friday, April 29, 2005

Duckie Bib

I finally found the time to write up the instructions for the Duckie Bib. You can click on the picture to find the instructions.

This is the pattern I created for Jacob for his Easter Basket. He loves it! It is perfect for a baby that is just starting to eat baby food. You could even put a squeaker in the beak if you wanted to, although that might really distract the baby during mealtime!
I haven't been able to find very much time lately for crocheting or knitting! Sometimes the business end of self-publishing takes up so much time, there is not always alot of time left over for the fun stuff! I am going to try and make as much time as I can this weekend for crocheting.
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1 comment :

Mariah said...

Thanks for the pattern! I want to make a few of them to donate to a charity. It is super cute! :D