Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Crochet Envy

Sometimes you just want to crochet for the sheer pleasure of it! I really shouldn't complain, but when you have decided to make crochet a business for yourself, you can't always just crochet what you want to. As I browse around the web, and look at all the beautiful projects that others are crocheting and knitting, it sometimes makes me want to put down what I am working on and start another project! But when you have crochet work that is promised to another for business, you can't just do that! So for the last few weeks I have had crochet envy!
When I saw Drew's beautiful Seraphina Shawl today, I realized, yet again, that I am dying to just make some nice shawls or scarves or baby things for Jacob, but I can't......not yet.........Not that I don't love what I do, because I do, truly!
Anyway, as always, back to crochet and paperwork!
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Raven Maiden said...

I made this shawl as well and it is fantastic... I hope you show the picture around so that someone will want you to make it for them so you can have the pleasure!! The pattern is confusing at first, but once you get into the increases, it's a breeeeeeeeeze!! I'm making #2 now! :)

jocelyn said...

I still hope to be able to get started on the Seraphina Shawl! I showed the picture to 2 of my daughters and they loved it! I was not sure because they are 20 and 22. They even liked it in the varigated colors of the Joann's Boucle yarn. I can't wait to try it~!