Friday, July 01, 2005

Yarn Heaven

No, I was not visiting my LYS (local yarn store) to feel that is was in yarn heaven the other day! Believe it or not, I was in my local Michael's! They had re-vamped their yarn section and had so many new designer yarns that I thought I was in my LYS!
Bernat and Moda Dea has so many different new yarns out I was almost overwhelmed by them all!
Some of my favorites from Bernat were Envy, Bling-Bling (but not all the colors) Poochie and Velour; from Moda Dea they were Lazy Daisy, Tiara, Vixen, Zing and some that were are not on either website right now.
I was a good girl and did not get anything yet. Yes, you read that right! But I do plan to go back very soon and pick out some yarns I can play with.
When I have time for play crochet, that is!
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Sara said...

My Hobby Lobby is re-vamping to make room for the Moda Dea. I about had a heart attack when I rounded a corner and saw TWO EMPTY ROWS!! But the lady pulling yarn off the shelves gave me a cold compress and told me not to worry (ok, so she didn't really give me a compress, but I could have used one.

The ticker tape looks quite interesting.