Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Promoting Crochet

It was a great day for crochet on national television yesterday. Our own Lily Chin was on the new Martha Stewart Show, once again promoting our beloved craft, crochet~!
And true to her marvelous spirit, she was driving around, crocheting a Martha poncho, for Martha's dog! Martha's show was a great promotion of crochet yesterday, where everyone in the audience was wearing one of her crocheted ponchos! You might remember when the Lion Brand website was advertising for everyone who had crocheted one of the Coming Home ponchos from their pattern to enter for a chance to be on her show. Everyone on the show, including cameramen, producers, guests, dogs, etc, had on a crochet poncho. It was wild!
You can see some video of it here, but you need to click on the Tuesday link and then the 'Watch Video' link on that page. You can see a funny clip of David Spade of Saturday Night Live spoofing Martha in a wig, poncho and prison ankle bracelet! At least Martha Stewart is a good sport!
Unfortunately, the promo for their own show on the link above reads:
"It's Poncho Day and everyone in the studio audience, the crew, comedian David Spade, and Martha are cloaked in knitted ponchos like the one Martha made famous when she left Alderson."
I guess it is going to take while longer to get everyone to understand the difference between knitting and crochet!
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