Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hooray for One-Handed 'Loopers'~!

Crochet has done it again! Crochet has been written about favorably again in a non-needlework publication! You can read the article here. I absolutely love the opening line of the article that reads:
"If KNITTING IS THE MARCIA BRADY of crafts, crochet is the Jan: Misunderstood, overlooked and often perceived as nerdy as a stitched-up granny-square vest." This has been so true for so very long, BUT this article goes on to talk about how recently, things are finally starting to change for crochet~! And it is definitely about time! Alot of the crocheters I know in this business object to crochet being called The New Knitting, but I feel that any positive publicity we get is good~!
Thanks to Kathy Cano Murillo for a great article!

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Tara said...

Great article. Thanks for posting the link. :)