Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Knit Projects

The poncho I originally wanted to make was from a Knit-It magazine issue. The poncho is on the cover.

It calls for Lion Brand Jiffy Thick and Quick, and #17 Knitting Needles. First of all, I should have bought circular needles, as it was a little difficult to push all the stitches onto a 14" knitting needle, but it was do-able. I absolutely love the colorway of this yarn I chose, but for some reason, I was not overly happy with the way the poncho started to come out.

So, as you can see, I ripped it out; several times actually, and kept starting over!
When I was not satisfied with the poncho, I tried this same pattern in a scarf, but that was not to my liking either!
I am determined to use this yarn for a knitting project!
I think I am going to go try some other knit stitch patterns for scarves!
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Sara said...

It is soooo frunstrating when I have a yarn I love but just can't seem to find the right pattern for it.

Rebecca said...

hmmmmm- what about a multidirectional scarf? i love the way variegateds turn out with this pattern and it'll be a quick knit with that yarn - which is a fabulous color btw!