Saturday, December 31, 2005

Newest Projects

Did everyone have a wonderful holiday? I sure did!! Santa was so very good to me, even after I told him I had been a bad girl this year! *wink*
I have been very busy with many things, and one of them is crocheting and knitting! I can't show you all my projects today, because I have to get ready for a holiday party, but I can start.
First of all, I designed a hat for my precious grandson, Jacob, that I can show you a picture of, but because of licensing reasons, I cannot market the pattern. His favorite character is Elmo, (he loves him) so I decided to design him a winter hat. Here is the finished product:

He loves the hat, and when he has the hat on and you ask him 'Where is Elmo?' he points to his head! (he is only 15 months) He calls Elmo, BO -- so cute!
I have been knitting up a storm lately, mostly on very quick and easy scarves that I designed. It has been fun to choose the different yarns from the varied and beautiful yarns that are available today, and then to see how quickly they make up! Most of the ones I have made can be finished in about 2 hours. You can't beat that.
I just realized I gave one away last night that I did not take a picture of. Darn! It was one of the prettiest ones also. I went to a holiday party and wanted to bring the hostess something. The scarf was made from Joann's Sensations Angel Glitz in Color #83l and Black TLC Amore held together as one yarn. Between the Glitz and the Amore, it was one of the softest scarves ever! And the colors in this shade of Glitz were especially beautiful and very festive.
This is the scarf that I designed first from the Jiffy Thick and Quick that I rescued from the Poncho I decided not to make:

Image hosted by

This scarf is knit on #17 needles and was very quick to make. The pattern and yarn make it a very elegant looking scarf, suitable for a man. In fact, I gave this to my daughter's boyfriend for Christmas. He loved it! It is very thick and warm. The color is Adirondacks.
I have a two other photos of scarves I made, but don't have time to post them yet. So much is going on in my household!
My daughter Gina (Jacob's mother) is due very, very soon with another baby (yes, they will be only 15 months apart!) and she could go into labor any hour now. Her doctor wants her to be the first mother to deliver after midnight. When she asked him why, he said because he wants to get his name in the paper!
I will update again soon with some more knit scarves AND let you know about Gina!
I am working on a very pretty scarf now from Bernat Bling Bling.

Please stay safe as you ring in the New Year!!
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Rebecca said...

LOVE the elmo hat and the scarf is great!!
15 months isn't bad - i have a set that is just 14mos apart :) is it another boy? they'll be best friends (someday - the day hasn't come for me yet UGH!)