Thursday, December 08, 2005


It's funny how you can be excited about a crochet or knitting project and then when it starts to not come out the way you have anticipated, you can easily become disinterested in it or want to abandon it!
Alot of people know that most of the projects I design are 3-D stuffed items for my website, Cute and Country Crochet, or for my Country Treasures column in Crochet World, or for other crochet publishers. Because so many of my designs are 3-D and stuffed, I like a very full-bodied yarn such as Red Heart Classic or Super Saver, because they hold their shape very well. I know, I know, in crochet, it can be very stiff for a wearable project, but it serves it's purpose well for my design needs.
At the beginning of this week, I started on a Bear project that I am working on for a magazine and quickly became discouraged and disinterested. Why? Because for the first time in a long time, the Red Heart Classic I was working with was producing a fabric that was very limp and did not hold it's shape!
Even though I needed to work on this project, I lost interest in designing it, and stopped working on it for a few days! The yarn turned a project that I was excited about, into something that I did not want to work on anymore. Isn't that funny?
Anyway, in the old days, I would have abandoned that project completely. But I knew I had to come up with a solution. I found a yarn in a different color that would work as well (almost), that was full-bodied, and started over!
As the head began to take shape, my excitement for the design process returned, and I am happy to say that my project is now about 3/4 of the way complete! Unforturnately, you won't be able to see it until sometime next year when it is published!
The lesson is that we can all be discouraged sometimes with something we are crocheting or knitting. We just need to take a step back and take a break from our project. When we come back to it with a fresh prospective, hopefully we will be able to work out a good solution to our problem!
Now, as far as the knitting is concerned.......
I did design a knitting scarf pattern with the Jiffy Thick and Quick that I am very happy with!
I will try and post some pictures later.......
I think Gina is going to be very happy with this scarf!!
I am also working on a secret project for my beautiful grandson, Jacob, that I need to try on him when no one is looking. It is a very quick and easy hat, but one that I know he and momma Gina are going to love!
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