Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Crochet and Knitting Olympics

A wish that all knit and crochet projects for the Olympics are progressing nicely!

Good luck to everyone in finishing up their projects by this weekend!
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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another Seraphina

I was finally able to take the picture of Angela's completed Seraphina Shawl. Fortunately, she loved it! And Cristina loved it so well, she asked me for it! She likes it as well as her green colorway one.

The purple colorway is so pretty, isn't it?
Now, of course, Gina is asking me 'What colors do the Joann's Rainbow Boucle' come in? Because she thinks she might want one! I think I might want to try a Seraphina in another style of yarn.......although the colors of the Rainbow Boucle sure do come out pretty. Now the girls can't wait for the weather to warm up to be able to use them! Since we are expecting a Nor'easter tonight and tomorrow with up to a foot of snow, I guess warm weather won't be coming anytime soon! lol
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Sunday, February 05, 2006


OMG! I can hardly believe I have been blogging for one full year! Where in the world did the time go? One year??? Wow.....I am thrilled I have been keeping this up, also!
Here are the long promised knitted scarf pictures. I knit four different ones during the holidays. I actually knit more than four scarves, but duplicated a couple of the patterns. I think I designed all of these scarf patterns. They were pretty basic patterns, but quick and fun to do!

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