Saturday, March 10, 2007

Adorable Crochet Merchandise

Cute crochet is something that I adore, and I am always on the lookout for exceptionally *cute* and even **cuter** crochet designs. Because of this I am hoping now and in the near future, to be able to *SHOWCASE* some crochet sites and crochet designs that have caught my eye.
These adorable childrens crochet items that I found recently certainly fit the bill. This talented designer sells her wonderful merchansise at an Ebay store named Tip.Top.Applesauce. She has an incredible array of items for sale, mostly for children, but I was especially drawn to her crochet articles that she has for sale. I am assuming that she designs her own patterns, as I have not seen any of these designs available anywhere. I noted when I saw some of her merchandise in her Etsy Store, that some of her inspiration comes from Gymboree. I especially like her adorable puppy hat. Make sure you click on all the different views she has of the hat! But, of course, all the hats are equally cute!
Unfortunately, for all of us crocheters, she does not sell her patterns......yet!
But, for all of us who have young children or grandchildren, we are in luck. The designer offers a Bunny Hat Kit that is very *cute*, comes with all the 'ingredients', and looks like it would be very quick to complete! Scroll down on the page to see an adorable little girl wearing the Bunny hat!
I think you will see that this designer, both of her websites, and all her wonderful crochet designs, merit an A+ on our *CUTENESS* meter! Don't you agree?
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Allena said...

those links are great! thanks

Anonymous said...

You are too sweet to mention me here! Yes, I am planning on writing up my silly hat patterns--as soon as I have time! My bunny hat pattern is now available on etsy. Thanks!!!!! I feel so honored to have been featured! Lucinda, Tip.Top.Applesauce

Chelle =^.^= said...

I agree, her crochet designs are some of the cutest out there!

jocelyn said...

Lucinda, We can't wait to see your hats written up in pattern format! Keep us posted!