Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Beautiful Essay

I just finished reading a most incredible essay regarding our Grandmother's crochet, and the differences between knitting and crochet. I just have to pass it along. It is on the Crochet Insider site of Dora Ohrenstein, and the essay can be found on this page:
Make sure you scroll down to the middle of the page where the beautiful rose, green, and black afghan is, to the article entitled, "The age-old battle continues: Crochet vs. Knitting. Who will win?".
I was so moved by some of the thoughts in it, that at some point, as I could picture Tanis crocheting with her grandmother's hook, tears started falling down my cheek. Tanis, I think you should finish your grandmother's afghan. Somehow, I think she would like that!
Being both a knitter and a crocheter myself, I, too, have never understood all the misunderstanding surrounding the controversy of knitting vs crocheting.
Thank you, Tanis, for writing so passionately and so well about how I have always felt about the subject. You were able to put into words feelings that I was never able to articulate. Bravo!
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Emporyum Global said...

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Honey said...
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Chelle said...

June 18 ~ Girl, update your blog already!! :P

jocelyn said...

Oh, girl! don't I need to??!! I have been so busy crocheting for magazines and Annie's catalog lately. Where do I find the time?? Thanks so much for visiting!

Mimi said...

I just finished your felted bag from the CW mag. I have a pic up on my blog. My DD snatched it up and wanted it lined with fabric I would not have chose :) Pic is in the July 27 post.

Lois said...

Good post.