Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pineapple Shawl Update and Photography

When you are a self publisher, there are so many aspects, from start to finish, that go into the completed product you offer for sale. Photographing my designs is probably the most difficult and tedious task of all the work I do. As I show you the update of my finished pineapple shawl, it might give you a bit of insight into how the same item can photograph under different circumstances. It can be very, very frustrating at times! Since this crochet project for for FUN, though, I did not follow the usual 'professional' techniques I normally apply, and boy did it make a difference!
I started this Pineapple Shawl almost 3 years ago using Bernat Berella '4' worsted weight yarn and an H (5mm) hook. The pattern comes from an old chairback. It really works up fast with the larger yarn and hook! PLEASE NOTE, though, that you need to correct the first few rows of the pattern in order for the Pineapple Shawl to come out right! On ROW 1, you need only 16 dc including the ch-3, which then gives you 32 dc for ROW 3.
These are important changes to the pattern that are NOT listed!

I like the photo above the best for lighting!
The pattern is available HERE. Don't forget the changes to the pattern!


BTW, HINT: For professional results, you need to control your lighting and photograph your items under the same circumstances as much as you can! My shawl is white as you know, not blue!

In the end, I gave my Pineapple Shawl to my mom. I completed it while she was recuperating after her accident in the hospital. It got rave reviews from the nurses! When she was transferred to a rehab facility, she was able to wear it every day when they got her out of bed to take her to therapy or took her down to her meals in a wheelchair. It was perfect because as she was recovering, she needed to be warm, but it was also so very important to me that she look pretty while she was recovering! And she did! and does! So this pineapple shawl will always be very special to me!
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Brigitte said...

my mom makes this stuff too

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing. It is lovely. But the link to the pattern does not work. Can you help me ?
Thanks so much.


ooooo harika ,süper


jocelyn said...

All the links to the Pineapple Shawl pattern are now correct. Here it is again:

You will have to copy and paste it into your web browser or click one of the links above.

D. Carlen said...

The shawl is pretty; and looking at it, it looked familiar. As I read on, I see that it wasn't intended as a shawl to begin with, and then I had my "lightbulb" looks familiar because I own a version of is vintage, and I use it as a shelf doily. Probably it was crocheted as a chair it is on the larger side. I'm happy to see you have repurposed the pattern into a shawl--there is something timeless about pineappbles...but it did give me a chuckle.

Anonymous said...

The pattern is lovely as a shawl. I don't think your suggested changes work, though, as the pattern doesn't work when you drop those two stitches. I followed the pattern as written, having 34dc in the row where you wanted 32, and it worked out just fine.

Anonymous said...

I also followed your changes and had to unravel and start again with the 34 dc. So far pattern is working out fine.