Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks to Project Linus

On this eve of Thanksgiving Day, I am very thankful and grateful for many, many BLESSINGS in my life. There are so many!
On a crochet note, though, I will forever be thankful for organizations such as Project Linus. I would like to ask you to please support Project Linus in the 2010 Craft for A Cause contest! They could win $50,000! How great would that be for such a wonderful crochet organization! Please click HERE to go to the Joann's Craft For A Cause website and vote! You can vote once per day on their website until December 4, 2010. Please take a moment each day and vote. $50,000 could go a very long way for such an independent organization!
Project Linus has had a very special place in my heart for a few years now. When my mother was discharged from the trauma center into the rehab center after she was hit by a car, she had to travel by ambulance. The problem was that she had only her thin hospital nightgown to travel in and it was the middle of winter in New York! Her problem was solved when a wonderful therapist went down to the Services' office and came back with a beautiful, warm, crocheted afghan that was tagged Project Linus! I could not believe that someone had lovingly made something so precious for a stranger! It was a beautiful thing (see photo above) and definitely served it's purpose in keeping my mother warm AND still does! Thank you to all crocheters and knitters who lovingly donate their time, yarn and talent to such worthy craft causes!
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