Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Perfectly Plus Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY!

 Cute Crochet Chat is privileged to be the second stop on the blog tour for a new knitting book for plus sized knit fashions, "Perfectly Plus". As a bonus, we are giving away a copy of this book!

Not only does Perfectly Plus have instructions for wonderful knitted plus size fashions, it features the "Knit-to-Fit" Workbook for the full-figured woman. The book has a detailed chapter, "Creating Knits That Fit" that outlines everything you need to knit and create the perfect sized garment for your own figure; from Gauge, to Adjusting Gauge, to Choosing Sizes and Making Adjustments. The Make It Fit Basic Cardigan and the Make It Fit Basic Shell guide you step by step through the fitting process, unlike any knit how-to book I have ever seen.
This book is not just a how-to guide to fitting plus size fashions, though, as  it also has nine complete and pretty knitting patterns.

The designs are basic yet trendy, beautiful and very figure flattering. They certainly are designed for today's woman. My favorites are Ipanema designed by Marlaina Bird, Make Me Blush, designed by Amy Polcyn and Savoir Faire designed by Kristin Hansen and Sharon Wittenberg.

The "Swing Along" jacket, shown at left is designed by Barb Kervin and  is one of the most colorful designs in the book. I love the fact that it is knit from side-to-side instead of the traditional bottom to top or top-down construction. The slip stitch pattern stitch creates a very pretty chain detail with a contrasting yarn that lends a very nice compliment to this design. The patten outlines everything you need to complete this detailed garment, including Special Techniques and Pattern Notes. The garment looks well designed and is fitted to be figure flattering. As outlined on the back cover of the book, this pretty sweater has some 'sizzle'. "Swing Along" is rated for the Experienced knitter.

You can purchase this lovely book at Annie's Attic, HERE.
We are also giving away a free copy of "Perfectly Plus" to one of our blog readers!! To be eligible to win, please leave a comment on this post, letting us know how helpful this new book could be for you!! Please don't forget to leave where you can be contacted in case you are the winner! Winner will be drawn at random in about two weeks.

Check out the next round of this Blog Tour at Romi Hill's @Romi's Studio, where she will be reviewing the "Make Me Blush" sweater designed by Amy Polcyn.
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Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I would LOVE to win this book! I'm a crocheter, but my mom is an avid knitter and since my dad died last month she's been trying to keep herself occupied during the long winter days. Making projects from this book would totally fit the bill!

If I win, I can be reached at msfitzita at yahoo dot com.

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, that should me msfitzita at yahoo dot ca!! Sorry!!

Karen said...

I just got a peek at this book here and on Annie's Attic. Wow! Really cute designs! I would love to win this book! I love to knit, but being a plus sized gal myself it is so hard to find really nice patterns like the ones I glimpsed in the book on Annie's Attic pages. I usually knit for family and friends and it would be a big treat to be able to knit up some of those wonderful designs for myself!

I can be reached at kmrg@yahoo.com if I win! Thank you so much for a wonderful opportunity.

Rhea said...

I would love this book. Being a plus size myself I always have trouble customizing patterns to fit me. Thanks for the chance to win. Rhea at leanna313@cox.net

sue said...

Oh my! I NEED this book. I am a plus size woman and I'm afraid to tackle a sweater because every time I have in the past I've been disgusted with the results, and since I've started knitting with more expensive type yarns I'd hate to go through all the trouble to knit a sweater and be upset that my adjustments didn't work.
I can be reached at susansayings at gmail dot com.

Susan said...

Fit is the main thing holding me back from knitting a sweater. I am gleaning bits and pieces of info from here and there on how to knit a sweater that fits, but it sure would be nice to have the info all in one place. It's great that the sizes are my size as are the models. Win-win there.

plumbum said...

Oh, this book looks wonderful!

Just what I need.

Since I began knitting again, (after over 20 years "off the needles") I have been very reticent about making garments for myself and seem stuck firmly in the accessories camp. I'm so much larger than I was when I knitted before and certainly not a stock size or shape any longer. I would love to learn to make myself a flattering sweater that perhaps balances my figure a little better and accomodates my over large attributes without swamping the more modest ones!

To save me disappearing under a mountain of unnecessary scarves, hats and socks... I need this book (and quickly, or there will likely be a woolly landslip in this locale)

Should I be fortunate enough to win, I can be reached by putting my name @ the domain in my url (or through my blog)


Shannon said...

This book looks amazing, particularly the section on sizing. I have made myself 3 different sweaters, all of which don't fit. You'd think I would learn :p


Lilly said...

WOW!! What wonderful designs. They are all beautiful!!
I would definitely make myself numerous items since I am a plus-size woman. Book is a must have! Lately I have been knitting more and more and loving it!
Thanks for the opportunity.

Karen said...

I would really like to win this! I love that they have patterns that are current styles.
Thanks, Karen
lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

CrochetBlogger said...

I am always looking to expand my experience with crochet and plus size clothing is something I haven't explored yet so this would be a nice addition for my crochet library.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your share! very impressive!