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Brrrrrr Snowman Ornament

Brrrrrr Snowman Ornament is copyrighted by Cute Crochet 2011

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Brrrr... Snowman Ornament Materials: Red Heart Classic 4-ply worsted weight yarn, 1 oz. White;
scrap of Black and Red;
F hook;
tapestry needle;
3 small buttons, 2 red, 1 green;
scrap of coordinating fabric 3/4" x 10" cut with pinking shears or torn;
Aleene's Designer Tacky Glue;
polyester fiberfill;
bamboo skewer stick OR
scrap of red or orange yarn for nose;
orange paint;

Size: Ornament measures 4-1/2" x 5"

Gauge: 9 sc = 2 inches; F hook

SIDE (Make 2) Row 1: With White, ch 2, 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch 1, turn. (3).

Row 2: 2 sc in first sc, sc in ea sc across to last sc, 2 sc in last sc, ch 1, turn. (5).

Rows 3-6: Sc in ea sc across, ch 1, turn. (5).

Rows 7 & 8: Repeat Row 2. (7,9)

Row 9: Sc in ea sc across, ch 1, turn. (9).

Row 10: Repeat Row 2 (11).

Row 11: Repeat Row 9 (11).

Row 12: Repeat Row 2 (13).

Row 13: Repeat Row 9 (13).

Rows 14-16: Repeat Row 2 (15,17,19).

Rows 17-20: Repeat Row 9 (19).

Rows 21 & 22: Dec over first 2 sc, sc in ea sc across to last 2 sc, dec over last 2 sc, ch 1, turn. (17,15).

At end of Row 22, ch 1, do not turn.

Rnd 23: Working in ends of rows and in ea sc, sc around outer edge of side; join with a sl st to first sc.

After first side, fasten off; after second side, do not fasten off.

Joining: Holding both sides with wrong sides together, working in BOTH BLO around through both thicknesses, sl st in ea st around, joining sides together and stuffing with fiberfill before closing.

Eyes: Using Black and tapestry needle, embroider 2 french knots for eyes as shown.

NOTE: Nose may be embroidered with red or orange yarn as instructed below OR cut a 1" piece from tip of bamboo skewer stick and paint with orange paint. Let dry. Glue flat end of nose onto center of face, in hole between two sc stitches.

Nose: Using Red, tapestry needle and Satin Stitch, embroider nose as shown.

Tie scrap of fabric around neck for scarf. Glue buttons to bottom of body.

This pattern is copyrighted by Cute Crochet © 2011
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moovet said...

Thanks for the cute snowman pattern!

margaret said...

This is such a cute pattern! I will have to make it. I wish I had found your site sooner and had a chance to win your books and other patterns! Your work is is wonderful!