Thursday, August 30, 2012

Idiosyncrasy Updated for 2012

I recently came across an old blog post about individual idiosnycrasies that we all possess. I had been 'tagged' by a fellow blogger and was told to write down five of my own. Below is the original post, followed by a few new ones for 2012. Anyone who would like to be 'tagged', please feel free to borrow the concept and post this to your own blog!

id•i•o•syn•cra•sy - a structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

1. I not only drink my coffee black, but I usually put an ice cube in it to cool it off before I drink it.

2. I crochet left handed and knit right handed.

3. If my family would allow it, I would play Christmas music all year round. As it is, I start playing it the day after Thanksgiving, and don't stop until after January 6, which is the Italian 'Little Christmas'.

4. I wear black most of the time, all year round, no matter what the occasion.

5. I am a perfectionist and spend hours correcting crochet designs, patterns, letters, webpages, and most things I do, including blog posts!

I decided to update this with some new idiosyncrasies, although the ones above still apply!

1. Unlike most crocheters, I don't mind sewing in all the ends that are left when a crochet project is complete, no matter HOW MANY there are! I know, crazy!

2.  When I begin a new design or project, I need to have a clear/clean workspace. If my work area is messy, I have to clear the clutter and make it neat before I begin. I think this clears my mind and allows me to use my brain!

3.  I am still a perfectionist, but have learned to be better about incessantly correcting every project that I write. I am still very meticulous with my crochet patterns, though, to ensure that they are always correct!

Do you have any distinct CROCHET idiosnycrasies? Let us all know what they are in the comments. It will be fun to compare notes!

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Charlotte said...

My 'idiosyncrasies' are basically the same as yours except I like to work over the ends instead of having to weave them end after finishing.

Brandi Schoch said...

I totally go with the second number 2 I have to have stuff cleaned and uncluttered to think.