Thursday, March 14, 2013

National Crochet Month Blog Tours Through Crochet Country 2013

 CGOA's wonderful recent past President, Amy Shelton, co-owner of Crochetville, says there are 1.7 million crocheting households in the United States! How great is that!  
With the Blog Tours Through Crochet Country, we hope to reach as many of those crochet households as we can! Thank you, Amy and Donna for all your hard work in putting this together. All of the designers who are participating this month are either professional or associate professional members of CGOA.

In honor of National Crochet Month, Cute Crochet Chat will be giving away three patterns from EACH of our Etsy shops! There will be THREE winners chosen. Continue reading to find out how you can be eligible to win!

Before I begin to outline our giveaway at Cute Crochet Chat, I want to let you know about the two non-profit organizations that this BLOG TOUR is really all about!
All of the designers who are participating this month are either professional or associate professional members of CGOA. You can find all the details about the participants HERE.

Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to serving the needs of crocheters all over the world. For a membershop fee of $35 members, receive a magazine subscription to Crochet! Magazine worth $21.97, along with our newsletter inserted into your print issue of Crochet! six times a year. Members can attend two wonderful Chain Link Conferences each year offering discounts to members. By joining, you have access to thousands of other crocheters who love their craft as much as you do! If you are interested in furthering your crochet education, or becoming a Professional in the business, CGOA offers wonderful programs. There are also many great local chapters that you can become a part of. Visit our CGOA website to find out more!

 During the setup of this Blog Tour for National Crochet Month, it was decided to support the charity, Project Night Night Many crocheters love to crochet for charity and this is such a worthwhile cause where you can donate either money or crochet blankets to the cause. We hope you will also help support our charity for National Crochet Month, PROJECT NIGHT NIGHT, Helping Homeless Children Have
Sweeter Dreams
. From their website: "Every child who receives one of our Night Night Packages leaves the shelter owning a book which encourages reading and family bonding, a security blanket which can be cuddled, and a stuffed animal which can become a cherished friend.  We have one objective – to deliver our Night Night Packages to every homeless child in the country who needs one". You can read much more about the Program HERE.

If you are new to this blog, I would love for you to stay up-to-date with everything related to Cute Crochet Chat! You can connect with me personally at all these fun places around the web!
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Baby Dinosaur from Too Cute Crochet

As stated above, Cute Crochet Chat will be giving away three patterns from EACH of our Etsy shops!
Cute Crochet offers a wide variety of quick, easy and fun-to-crochet patterns, so we have something for everyone!

The Bristol from Jocelyn Designs

There will be THREE winners chosen. In order to be eligible to win, let us know what you are working on during National Crochet Month AND more IMPORTANTLY which of our Etsy pattern shops you would like to win patterns from from,    Jocelyn Designs, Too Cute Crochet or             Cute Crochet Shop!

Bookbag Bunny

THREE lucky winners from each of the shop choices will be chosen at random on the last day of our Tour Through Crochet Country.
In the meantime, Happy Crocheting!

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Olive Yarn said...

Love your designs!

During NatCroMo, as usual, I have several projects in the works...a helmet hat, a unicorn hat and a contract project.

If I am chosen as a winner, I would love to receive 3 patterns from the Jocelyn Designs shop. I absolutely LOVE The Toronto Cowl. It would be great for my cold morning walks to work in the winter!

Ann Chubb said...

LOL! I used to blog under the name "Olive Yarn"...why? I don't know. I was shocked when I saw that name post in my comment as I completely forgot about it since I abandoned that blog a few years ago. LOL!

I went and changed the name in the profile to my real name, but it did not change on the original post. Oh well. :)

Karin Ishibashi said...

The Jocelyn Designs look so beautiful.
This month I am working mostly on Pax by Aoibhe Ni, my first tunisian crochet project. Though I think I will have something new on my hook by March 23.

Kim Jones said...

Depending on the day I could be working on a variety of different crocheted hats! Right this minute I am finishing up some really cute spring newsboy caps for my little cousins in New England :) All 3 Etsy shops have beautiful patterns that I would love to make but I think if I have to pick a favorite it would be Too Cute Crochet!

Anonymous said...

Been working on booties, kimonos and blankets for my charity I contribute to...well deserving babies and moms.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently working on a baby butterfly blanket. It seems that many friends have either recently given birth or are pregnant, so I'd love to receive patterns from Too Cute Crochet. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I'm currently working on a baby butterfly blanket. It seems many of my friends have recently given birth or are pregnant, so I'd love to receive patterns from Too Cute Crochet if I were lucky enough to be chosen a winner. Thanks so much!

themarkofsandm said...

During this month I have been making baby hats! Preemie hats for donations (Rosie's Cozies on facebook) and some to try to sell to make up for yarn and supplies ;)

I really love all the designs that each offer! So hard to decide! :) But I think that I might pick TooCuteCrochet because the Dinosaur and the Christmas tree hats are ADORABLE!!!

trisnjer said...

During the month I will be crocheting for Bridge and Beyond. I am helping Sandy assemble afghans, and making some hats, dish cloths and pot holders when I have time.

If I win, I'd love to have designs from Jocelyn

auntbubbels said...

I just received yarn from participating in a Crochetville Swap to make an afghan. So that will be my next project that I will start tonight after dinner. I am looking forward to it.

I love the cowl pattern, but cannot remember the name of it.

Thanks for doing this

Reggie said...

I'm working on baby hats for charity. I'm also working on the Spring Fling pillow for Cathy's Crochet Club. I love doing that, so much fun seeing everybody's projects....just love Mikey & Cathy from The Crochet Crowd! It was really hard to chose which patterns I would want to win from, love all of them!! I would chose Too Cute Crochet because my daughter is expecting a baby girl in August and Grandma loves crocheting those adorable hats!

Marsha Lavoie said...

I am slowly working on a freeform project. I think I will place my freeform scrumbles on a long rectangular mesh background and make it into a scarf.
I prefer the Jocelyn Designs patterns if I am lucky enough to be a winner.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently working on a doily pattern I've wanted to make for a while. As far as the pattern choices - I'd be happy to win from any one of the shops because I found at least one pattern from each I'm in love with. If I absolutely chose one, I think I'd pick CuteCrochetShop.

Monica de Moss said...

I have a few Amigur... toys on my hooks. Can't seem to get enough of them these days. Would love to win patterns from your Too Cute shop.. ideally, I love to win 1 pattern from each of the shops.. that way I'd have something for everyone on my list. :-)

jackie-tn said...

I have been making tons of headbands using The Genius Headband pattern. Hope the recipients can wear them on Easter!

I love the Too Cute Crochet shop and would be thrilled to win a pattern!

Lindsay Nelson said...

This month I am stash busting, I have made 5 chenille baby blankets so far. I love the patterns in Too Cute Crochet.

Bailey said...

Love your Cute Crochet Shop. Would love the Waiting for Frosty if I won.

Right now I am working on some thread 18" doll clothes and hopefully getting back to finishing the Avenger bunny set for DH. I need something for his Easter basket and April birthday.

Mindy said...

I'm trying to finish up a bunch of projects that will be too warm to work on in the summer. ;-) I'm also trying to plug away keeping somewhat current on my Temperature Scarf for 2013.

I love the little Newsboy hat from Too Cute Crochet. ;-)

dee ratliff said...

lameeti'm glad i found your blog. i haven't been croching very much because i've been ill. idid however made a set of headphone cover using super soft yarn. it was a simple 2 round granny square.

Brenda B. said...

Love The Bristol! I have been working on a 12-point star blanket for a girl and now starting one for a boy--til I find out what my newest grandbaby will be! Finding out Saturday night.. Thanks for the chance to win! Blessings..

Lydia Crochetaddictuk said...

I am currently working on a washcloth. I am trying to make at least 2-3 gifts for christmas each month so I have something handmade for all my family.
susand1408 at gmail dot com
I would a pattern from JocelynDesigns

LitlBits09 said...

This is the first year I've become aware of NatCroMo.
I'm working on trying to finish an afghan for our huge CalKing bed!

I'D love to win the Bookbag Bunny!
I'm so glad that Crochet Concupiscence provided a link to this site - which I'd not found before today!
I DID subscribe today....and look forward to so much more inspiration and patterns from this awesome site!

LitlBits09 said...

I just realized, I'm supposed to pick a 'favorite' site here...
HOW can I do that? - different types of patterns...all so nice and/or cute!

Too Cute is awesome - but then so are all the rest...
Too many nice patterns throughout to pick just one!
Hope that doesn't disqualify me...
I feel like a kid in a candy shop many choices, it's so hard to pick!

Jocelyn Sass said...

Hello LilBits!
Send your email address to
and I will contact you!
Kind regards,
Jocelyn Sass