Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

As we ring out the old, I wanted to take the time to show my appreciation for EVERYONE who follows this blog and supports my crochet design work!

In 2013 I am THANKFUL for the SUPPORT of:
  • My loyal blog readers,
  • ALL the patrons of my crochet shops,
  • My incredible daughter and business partner, Gina, who photographs all my crochet work beautifully and gives me wonderful advice!
  • My wonderful daughters Cristina and Angela, who constantly advise me during the design process of Jocelyn Designs and THEN model all the new crochet designs!
  • My son, Michael, who helped me develop new math templates for sizing my wearable patterns,
  • My lovely little model, for whom I named The Danica Collection!
  • My fellow designers in the crochet and knit industry, who continually uplift me with their advice and creativity,
  • Crochet magazine publishers who support my design business,
  • Crochet book publishers who provide so many great books to my readers,
  • Organizations like Crochet Guild of America (CGOA), The National Needlearts Association (TNNA), The Craft and Hobby Association (CHA), Crochetville (crochetville.com)
  • My three WONDERFUL crochet stitchers and pattern checkers, Kristine, Shilo and Wendy,
  • One of the BEST Tech Editors in the business, Kristine Mullen!
  • My wonderful family and husband, Gino, without whom none of this would be possible! 
2013 was an incredible year for me because:
  • I created a new shop, Jocelyn Designs, for contemporary crochet accessories.
  • I added 2 wonderful stitchers and pattern checkers and hit the jackpot!
  • I designed and crocheted LOTS of new crochet photography props for my daughter, Gina.
  • I increased the readership of my blog.
  • I gave away LOTS of brand new crochet books to my readers! (thank you, publishers!)
  • Cute Crochet got a partial makeover; more to come.
  • I nearly doubled my self publishing sales from last year.
  • I crossed so MANY projects off my To-Do List!
Over the past year, I have truly made CROCHET my full time job yet again!

And I can’t thank ALL of you enough!

Look for LOTS of good things in 2014!

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helena frontini said...

Happy New Year for you and your family! Big hug from Portugal.

Jocelyn Sass said...

Thank you, Helen! Happy New Year!

Gina said...

Thank you so much Momma! I am truly blessed to be able to work along side you! I am so proud of all you have done! XOXOXOXO

Kristine said...

Thank you! I feel like I'm the one who is blessed to know you. I pray this year will be great for both of us. <3