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Custom Fit Tunisian Crochet by Dora Ohrenstein on Craftsy

Custom Fit Tunisian Crochet by Dora Ohrenstein

Have you taken a Craftsy class yet?
If you are familiar with the basics of Tunisian Crochet and want to create garments that are well fitting, this class given by Dora Ohrenstein is for you!

Custom Fit Tunisian Crochet is a detailed class on how to custom fit garments in Tunisian crochet.

Dora is obviously a very experienced teacher, who knows just what you need to know to be successful in not only Tunisian Crochet, but also in custom tailoring your own garments.
Each chapter is very in depth and the class includes almost 3 hours of instruction.

Dora explains things slowly and carefully so you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing to complete your project. Her love of Tunisian Crochet is evident as she teaches you.

I LOVE the garments that Dora demonstrates, especially the fitted round vest in brown. She looks fabulous in it and it is obvious that Dora knows a great deal about how garments should fit.

Dora begins with a Refresher Course where she reviews the basics of Tunisian Crochet, including Tunisian Knit Stitch, Tunisian Simple Stitch and Tunisian Slip Stitch (the three stitches you will need to complete your vest). She gives you much information for completing Tunisian crochet successfully, with lots of added, invaluable tips that could come only from her own experience.

Video Chapters include:

1. Tunisian Basics

2. Tunisian Tools  (basics of Tunisian fabric, picking the correct yarns, hooks and GAUGE).

3. Measuring For a Perfect Fit (BASICS of measuring not only on your body, but your favorite fitting sweater also! as well as schematics, negative and positive ease).

4. Adjusting the Pattern (how the pattern relates to all your measurements, detailed instruction on how to adjust stitches and rows, decreases, fitted armhole, bottom up construction).

5. Custom-Fit Calculations: Bust & Shoulder (invaluable information for anyone wanting to adjust patterns).

6. Custom-Fit Considerations: Waist and Hip

7. Finishing Details:  (weaving ends, wet blocking, seaming, crochet edging).

Lesson information includes: creating your version of a pattern, analyzing pattern details, taking measurements, figuring the math and gauge, making good alteration decisions and combining 2 sizes of a pattern for a custom fit.

When showing how to adjust the pattern for a perfect fit, Dora uses detailed graphics and a computer with a drawing tool to show you exactly what you are supposed to be doing. These are wonderful teaching tools!

These videos are full of unbelievable details for altering your pattern. There is so much information about custom fit in this course, that I believe a lot of this information can be applied to regular crochet as well.

Also included is your ability to purchase a Custom Fit Two Stitch Vest Kit that includes exactly what Dora uses in one of the garments in her class.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video and learning more about Tunisian Crochet, as well as yarns, hooks, fit, gauge and making garments that fit well!

For a limited time, Dora is offering a 50% discount on her class! What a great way to start learning about custom fit and Tunisian Crochet

Keep up-to-date with Dora at Crochet Insider and at Ravelry.

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