Friday, July 25, 2014

Pinterest Board of the Week - Tawashi


I know that Tawashi could be in the category of Kitchen Crochet, but I think that there are so many unique and cute Tawashi crochet patterns, that I wanted to devote an entire Pinterest search to Tawashi!

What is Tawashi you ask?

The actual meaning of Tawashi: 
a Japanese traditional scrubbing brush to wash off dirt. There can be many different types of 'tawashi' depending upon the material it is made from. 
For the last several years, knitters and crocheters have been making 'tawashi' to use as sponges or scrubbies for dishes and other cleaning/scrubbing. In Japan, antibacterial yarn is usually used for Tawashi. I don't know how long Japanese knitters and crocheters have been making tawashi. 

I once participated in a 'Tawashi' swap on Ravelry. You can read all about it HERE. In that POST, I give links to the free Tawashi patterns I used!

It was great fun and my package arrived from Great Britain! I thought it was so ironic that one of the crochet items I received was a Chicken Potholder that was designed by my good friend and fellow designer, Michele Wilcox!

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