Friday, September 05, 2014

The Crochet Awards, "Tag Ur it Game"

Have you heard of the The Crochet Awards called the FLAMIES? This explanation is from their website:
"The Flamies are the Flaming Hook of Justice Awards, also known as The Crochet Awards. Created by Founder and Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front, Laurie Wheeler, the awards are a celebration of the best of what the crochet universe has to offer.
These coveted awards are a collective voice to show appreciation to the makers, designers, publishers, and suppliers of crochet tools and yarn.  They are voted on by the passionate crochet community to show their pride and celebrate excellence."

I always cast my VOTE in the different categories, (which I understand have new ones added this year), but I have only nominated someone in a particular category a few times.
This year I definitely plan to nominate a couple of people!
Nominations have not begun yet, but I wanted to tag someone who I plan on nominating!
You can read all about the TAG system here:

I wanted to let everyone know ahead of time that I will be nominating Kristine Mullen of Ambassador Crochet for an award in Tech Editing!

Kristine is a crochet pattern designer and Math Whiz Extraordinaire! She is a wonderful Tech Editor and makes my crochet design business run much more smoothly because of her input! She is always incredibly helpful with whatever I need that has to do with my crochet designs, pattern writing and editing! A good tech editor is INVALUABLE to a designer and Kristine is ONE OF THE BEST!

If you have never used a Tech Editor and/or are not sure what they do, there is a great article here:

Make sure you sign up to be reminded when the nominations open for The Crochet Awards:

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