Thursday, November 20, 2014

Designing Crochet Patterns Doesn’t Have To Be Hard by Sara Duggan

Today at Cute Crochet Chat, we are fortunate to have a Guest Blogger,  
who is going to get you started on how to design your first crochet pattern! 

Sara is a crochet designer and business writer at Crochet Business. You can find her helpful blog HERE

Would you like to design your own crochet patterns?

In this article, you’ll learn how to make your first design. You need a few tools:

Yarn, Hook, Pencil, Note Paper, Stitch Dictionary, and Ruler

1. Your Idea

You get this from things that inspire you. It can be nature on your morning walk, your child, your love of math, or simply a color combination.

Example: Moss on a Tree Trunk

2. Choose a Stitch or Combination of Stitches

With your stitch dictionary in hand, or your laptop ready, search for a stitch you want to include in your design.

Example: Moss Stitch

3. Choose Your Yarn and Make a Swatch

With your selected yarn, make a swatch in the stitch you chose. This is the gauge swatch. It’s important to note this so others following your pattern will get a similar result.

Example: Moss Stitch with Cascade Cotton Fixation Yarn 5800

4. Make Your Design
With your pencil and note paper, make your design. Mark down how many chains to start, how many rows, and anything else you did to get your design.

Example: Dishcloth - 28 stitches across and 28 rows in moss stitch

5. Write Your Final Copy

Write the final pattern. Include all materials used, hook used, gauge and final measurements.

6. Edit and Test

Send the pattern to your testers and/or Tech editor.

7. Photo and Publish 

Take a lovely photo of your finished piece. Make a final draft of your pattern, convert it to PDF, and publish it.

And now, I’d like to share more tips for designing your own patterns, plus a video on How to Add Creative Commons Copyright to Your Crochet Patterns. 

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