Tuesday, March 01, 2016

March is National Crochet Month!

Yes, yes, I know it is TT Tutorial Tuesday, but I just had to start the month and tell you all about the INCREDIBLE things that are going on this month for National Crochet Month. #natcromo

Crochetville is once again (for the 4th year!) hosting a huge Crochet Designer Blog Tour.

This year it is entitled The Crochet Express and once again Cute Crochet Chat is participating, along with at least 92 other crochet designers!

There will be DAILY GIVEAWAYS @Crochetville’s #natcromo Crochet Express blog tour.

Why follow @Crochetville’s #natcromo Crochet Express blog tour?
1) Designers

2) LYS

3) Yarn companies

Cute Crochet Chat will be giving away three (3) crochet patterns 
for one (1) week starting on 
Thursday, March 3, 2016! 

Come back in two days and see what we are posting!

To help promote the tour, make sure to use #natcromo and #CrochetExpress.

All Aboard the Crochet Express Blog Tour:

Blog Tour General Information:
Also, if you know of OTHER things going on for National Crochet Month, post it in the COMMENTS

Photo courtesy of Crochetville.
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