Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More Yarn Goodies

I just got back from Ben Franklin where I spent $60 on yarn. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that I purchased alot of yarn! lol
But I always enjoy myself at this Ben Franklin. It is a locally, independently-owned shop, and he has taken a step out of the norm of larger craft stores and is trying to stock a wide variety of both lower priced yarns and upscale yarns. His variety of yarns is incredible, so it is a real treat to visit (and shop!) his store.
I can find any color of Red Heart that I might need for a new design for my website; yet he has most of the new Berroco yarns (I know, I know), they are expensive......, but so delightful to work with.......and most other brands of yarns that you can think of. It makes your crochet head spin!
Anyway, I can't take any pictures today, as we are again expecting up to six inches of snow! (I can hardly believe it). I need to get a flash for this new camera, but I so much prefer natural light anyway.
The Messenger Bag from Suede is nearly complete. I can't wait to begin on the new purse from the yarn pictured below. I also have been itching to knit again. Maybe I will alternate crocheting the purse and knitting a scarf next.
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