Monday, March 21, 2005

Yarn Goodies

Working with luscious yarns is sometimes the biggest treat! Berroco Suede has proven to be no exception! I am almost finished with the Messenger Bag, and it is coming out just as I had hoped it would. In the meantime, I came across a lone skein of Berroco Zen I had purchased to 'play' with, and realized it matched the 'Texas Rose' Suede very nicely.

The fun part is now going to be coming up with a new design with the leftover Suede (if there is any) and the skein of Zen! Isn't it pretty? Of course, the design will have to be on the small side, but that is fine with me, since quick and easy projects are what I specialize in!
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Karen said...

Hi Jocelyn!

Thanks for stopping in to my blogger!

I cannot tell you how many times I have started to write to you and got interupted... I will have to just bite the bullet and do it! :)

BIG Hug coming your way!