Saturday, September 24, 2005

New Patterns

As promised, I am slowing trying to move some of the free patterns from my old geocities website. I have uploaded a couple of new ones recently. You can view them at: Crochet Cafe Patterns.

As usual, almost all of my patterns are quick and easy to make!
I haven't been able to do much posting lately of the crocheting that I am doing! When I am working on new crochet designs for other editors or publishers, I can't show photos of my work. As soon as I start working on self-published designs again for my own website at: Cute and Country Crochet, I can show you a few progress pictures!
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Anonymous said...

The elephant bib is so adorable. I finished it in about two hours. Thank you for the great pattern.


jocelyn said...

You are so welcome, Pat. I am so glad you enjoyed making the bib, and that it went so fast!