Thursday, September 29, 2005

Crocheting Outdoors

Up until today, I have been able to crochet outside on my screened-in porch. It has been so beautiful outdoors lately, and I have been trying to enjoy every single minute of it! But today, even in the sun, it was cold! The temperature said it was 66 degrees, but it sure did not feel like it. What a difference it can make in the temperature when the wind blows. So I did not crochet outside today! I wonder how many more days I am going to be able to crochet outside on my porch?
The temperature is supposed to go down to 36 degrees tonight. I am not ready for this to happen yet! Actually, I am never ready for this to happen, but since I have moved to New York, I have not had much choice! lol
I am working on a snowman bib that I think is going to be very least I hope it turns out to be cute! It is supposed to be published on-line. If and when it is, I will post a link to it.
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1 comment :

Wendy said...

Wow, it was hot here today, 90 degrees.