Monday, November 14, 2005

My Frappr Map

These Frappr Maps seem like they can be so much fun! So I have created one for Cute and Country Crochet. Click on the link below:

Check out our Frappr!
to view my map.
Click on my Red Tag to read my Shoutout. Then you can add yourself and subscribe to my map, so you can get your own Red Tag on the map. I think it will be fun to see all the different places where people live. The tag will also be posted in the sidebar.
I am still working on a Snowman project for my website. I decided to change from shiny white worsted weight yarn to regular white worsted, so I had to start all over again. I have quite a bit done on it, but I did not get a chance to crochet again today! Funny how life gets in the way sometimes! I promised myself I would make time tomorrow, though, for crochet.
Of course, that also means I have not been able to start on Angela's Seraphina Shawl either. At least I know that when I do get started on that, it will go pretty fast!
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