Friday, November 11, 2005

New Projects

Now that my column is in the mail, I can think about starting other crochet projects. Yes! I have been thinking about a new Snowman project for my website. It should go very quickly once I get started on it. I bought a very pretty sparkly white yarn for it tonight, which should make a nice snowman fabric!
I am also going to start on another Seraphina Shawl for my daughter Angela for Christmas. That is going to be a bit harder to do, because I can only work on it when she is not around. I was surprised to find some more of the

Rainbow Boucle at Joann's.
I love this colorwork that they had. It has such beautiful tonal shades!

I did roll all of it into a large ball of yarn, though, as I remembered that the last time I worked with this yarn, it got tangled about halfway through the skein. Hopefully this work I did beforehand will save me trouble later!
Guess I will start working on the snowman tonight, as Angela is at home!
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Wendy said...

hmmm....I am going to be working on a snowman tonight, also. I am going to use some white cottontots I had in my stash.

jocelyn said...

How far did you get with yours? Mine is coming out pretty well; I got alot done on it, but I did not have a chance to work on it today (Sunday) at all!