Monday, February 28, 2005

Quick Update

Mary's hat is finished, but when we took a picture of it today, it didn't come out well because the sun was not out. I am going to try again tomorrow. It is just starting to snow tonight, and we are expecting between 10-15 inches, so I don't know if I will be able to get a better picture of it by tomorrow afternoon or not! I will get it posted as soon as I can. I also want to be able to give it to my friend Mary as soon as possible!
I am almost finished with Jacob's new bib. It is coming along very nicely, and I am going to be really pleased with this design.
I am also working on my new design for next month's column. I can hardly believe it is almost March!
And true to form, March is coming in like a LION here in Upstate New York!
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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Close-ups of New Yarns

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We had so much fun taking these close-up photos of the new yarn! Aren't the colors so nice? The Lion Brand Suede is called Spice, and it is so soft. The Paton's Bohemian is called Artistic Taupes and has so many pretty colors in it. I am almost finished with Mary's hat in the Bohemian. It is so very soft! I will post a picture of it when I am done. I am also finished with the Piggie Bag Holder and, of course the Bunny Towel Holder and both are now photographed. I just have to put the bow and the windchimes on the Lamb, and she is completely done also!

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Pictures of New Yarn

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Here is the pictures of the Paton's Bohemian and the Lion Brand Suede I bought yesterday. I also got a close-up picture of the individual strands I will post next. I love the colors!

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Nearly Finished

Mary's hat is almost finished! The Paton's Bohemian works up so quickly and so nicely! It is so soft also. I used a K hook, and I crocheted the hat up very fast. This is a very nice yarn for chemo hats, especially for the wintertime. I will try to get some pictures posted tomorrow.
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New Yarn

I finally had a chance to get to Michael's for the supplies I needed to finish my designs. They always have some beautiful ribbons to choose from. I found some really pretty multi-colored dotted ribbon for the Piggie, and some beautiful blue ribbon for the Lamb. I picked out some Daisy buttons that I really like, but now I am not sure if they will not fade into the white of the design. I might have to try some more colorful buttons. I was very disappointed NOT to be able to find any windchimes in the package. Darice used to make them. I tried at Michael's and at JoAnn's and neither on of them had them. I am going to try tomorrow at Ben Franklin's. I have a feeling they might have them! In the meantime, I will wait to put the finishing touches on my designs. I like to finish them all at once, so I don't mess up the bows and things before I take the photographs.
I started on my new column for next month. I think I am going to be really happy with this design, but we will see!
I also found some really pretty new yarn by Paton's. It is called Bohemian, and is bulky weight, and so very soft. I have a friend who has breast cancer, and is going through chemo therapy right now. I want to make her a warm, winter hat with it! I also picked up a skein of Lion Brand Suede in Spice color. It is so pretty and so soft to touch. If I get the chance, I will take a picture of it and post it here.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Nearly Complete

The Piggie features are complete, and so is the typing of the pattern. The only thing left to do is to buy the buttons and the ribbon or fabric for the bow! I also have to put the finishing touches on the Lamb, but that only entails a bow and the windchimes. I am working on a new Elephant Bib in honor of my new grandson, Jacob. It is so cute! I think I am going to offer this pattern for free.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Design Update

The Bunny Towel Hanger is finished. Yeah! All the crochet items on the Piggie are complete, also! I just have to do the facial embroidery and some last minute sewing. In order to finish the rest of the designs, I will have to go craft shopping for some buttons, ribbon and some windchimes. I did not have the items in my craft stock that I thought I had. That is not a problem though, because in the meantime, I can be typing up the patterns! I am making good progress. Great!
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I have two days off from work, so I am truly committed and determined to finish the designs that are almost complete! For Christmas I received a really nice set of coffees from my dear friend in Tennessee called 'The Twelve Days of Coffees'. I am going to put a whole pot of 'Almond Amaretto' on this morning and get to work! I just have to put the finishing touches on the Bunny Towel Hanger and the Lamb Windchimes, and make the accessories for the Piggie Bag Holder. The rest of the designs for them are all complete! I wonder if I will also have time to type up the patterns as well? I will keep you posted! Ooohh! I can smell that wonderful coffee....I had better get to work............
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Friday, February 18, 2005

Support the Crochet Guild of America

Hosted by Photobucket.comThe Crochet Guild of America is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary! Visit to learn all about what joining this organization can do for you!
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Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Crochet Update

I am continuing to work on my new crochet designs. I am about 3/4 of the way through with the Piggie Bag Holder and just have to put the finishing touches on the Lamb Windchimes and Bunny Towel Holder. That is the fun part~!
It hopefully should not be long before I can finish them completely and upload them to my website~!
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Future Posts

I finally figured out how to get my profile to show again, and where I can edit the html in the pages of my new blog. It is about time! Even though I would like to play around adding things to this new blog, I really can't take the time to do it now! I must continue my crocheting and finish the new designs that I started, so I can update my website like I previously hoped to do. I want to update fairly soon!
I hope to be able to write in this blog soon that I have added to my website!
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Friday, February 04, 2005


It is not the posting about crochet or coffee that I will have any difficulty with. That all comes easy to me. It is the formatting and page set up of this blog that I might have a little trouble with, and that might take me some time to perfect! It will be fun to see how I will be able to add all the little goodies that can become an addition to these pages, such as photos, WIP's reports, members blog pages, etc. Stay tuned as I figure it all out!
In the meantime, I am also working on some Springtime crochet items for my website. A Bunny and Lamb head windchimes and towel holder, and a new Piggy Bag Holder. I can't wait to finish these items. It has been a very long time since I updated at my website!
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My family doesn't understand me sometimes when I am designing. When I am creating something, and it is just not coming out correctly, I, of course, begin to rip it out. When anyone in my family sees this happen, (especially my son Michael) they can hardly believe that I would be willing to do that. When you are designing something professionally, though, of course, it MUST be perfect. At least, it must be perfect for me! I have always been that way, and cannot do it any other way. When my designs were being sold to magazines and publishers, I had the luxury of having them edited by professionals. They were responsible for all of the content, and it was nice to have everything double and triple checked by someone else.Now that I am self publishing, it is not as easy as it once was! My design is double checked by me, and then by my pattern checker, and then the finished formatted pattern is again double checked by me! So, as I design my newest crochet piece, I will frog as much as I have to, in order to ensure that the design is as perfect as I always insist it MUST be! Happy Crocheting and Happy Frogging!
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A New Beginning

I have finally decided to try my hand at my own Blog! I started a blog last year, and because of so many things that had been happening personally and professionally in my life, I was just not able to keep it going. I hope that this one will be different.
Of course, it will be almost exclusively about crochet, and the small amount of knitting that I have begun taking up recently; yes~! KNITTING, also! I wonder if this blogging will be something I will keep up with? Only time will tell! We will see.
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Thursday, February 03, 2005

About Us

Current Companies

♥ We specialize in easy CROCHET accessory PATTERNS for baby, children & photographers!
WHY should you buy patterns from Too Cute Crochet?
1. I have been designing for over 20 years and my patterns are written in an easy-to-understand format.
2. ALL patterns come with an ACCURATE gauge, so that you have the best chance of crocheting your item in the correct size. Without an accurate gauge, your item will NOT fit the intended wearer!
3. ALL patterns come with a row by row stitch count, so you will always know if your item is coming out correctly.
4. Each size of the pattern is fully written out, so you need only to print the one size you are working on at that time, which makes the patterns easier to follow!
5. All patterns are PROFESSIONALLY formatted, have DETAILED instructions and are EASY to follow
6. Your purchase comes with email pattern support directly from Jocelyn Sass, the designer of the patterns!

We are located at:

I am so fortunate to have been designing in crochet and other needlework forms for over 23 years! I have over 400 crochet and needlework designs published in books and magazines & now I am happily self publishing crochet patterns for sale. About a year and a half ago, my oldest daughter, Gina started her own photography business featuring newborns and families.

She asked me to design some crochet photo props (that are so popular today) she could use for her adorable babies. This venture has blossomed into a great partnership for us! I design and crochet baby items Gina wishes to use in her business and she showcases them beautifully with her professional photography. It is a match made in heaven!

I am so excited to announce that I have opened another Etsy shop dedicated to trendy CROCHET PATTERNS for WOMEN AND TEENS! Please visit the link below to see my new shop, Jocelyn Designs!

Please click the links to the right to join my Facebook page, check out my crochet blog or follow me on Twitter!

The Original Company

The patterns offered at our website Cute Crochet are designed exclusively by needlework pattern designer, Jocelyn Sass. They are all original patterns and are copyrighted by the designer.
Please note that Cute Crochet sells only the crochet instructions for making the individual items. We do not sell the completed crochet project. Cute Crochet opened for business in October 2001. We started with a small, select number of patterns and our numbers just keep growing! Cute Crochet grew out of a love of crocheting and a love of designing. Combine that with a love of country graphics and a desire to sell crochet patterns over the internet, and here we are! Of course, it did not happen all at once~! Much time, work and energy goes into the business of Cute Crochet. Jocelyn Sass is the resident designer, pattern writer and editor, photographer and photostylist, graphic designer, website designer, blogger, bookkeeper, order fulfillment staffer and shipper. Between 1990 and 2010, she wrote the bi-monthly pattern column for 'Crochet World' magazine called Country Treasures and then Timeless Treasures.

Needlework came naturally to me. My mother taught me to knit at age 10, and I haven't been without a needle or hook in my hand since. Crochet has been my passion for over 30 years. I have been lucky enough to turn that passion into a design business for over 20 years. I love color! Skeins of yarn all together contain some of the most wonderful color! My most favorite thing is to look at all the glorious colors of yarn, combine it with a hook, and turn it into something cute and whimsical. I guess I never grew up ... lucky me! 

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Contact Us

Jocelyn welcomes any comments, suggestions or questions. Please feel free to fill out the contact form below. Jocelyn will respond as quickly as possible! Thank you!

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