Thursday, January 05, 2006

Knit and Crochet Week!

This has been a great week for me! Other than putting away some Christmas things, I have been doing alot of knitting and crocheting that has nothing to do with designing or business! It has been so much fun!
First of all, I started a knitting project I had been wanting to make from the September 2005 issue of Creative Knitting, ever since I received a complimentary copy of it at CGOA this summer:

There are alot of great projects in this particular issue, but I especially liked this wrap, made from Moonlight Mohair by Lion Brand:

The photo does not do the project justice at all, and it is working up so fast!

I should have a picture of it finished by this afternoon.

I am also working on Angela's Seraphina Shawl. It is half finished. Thank you, Sara for your nice compliments about the Seraphina Shawl I made previously for my daughter, Cristina. She receives alot of compliments on it. She lives in New York City, so that is saying something!
BUT, I think this colorway that I am working on now, is going to be even prettier! I am very happy with it so far:

It is only halfway finished, but the color pattern is coming out so nice, it makes me want to NOT put it down!

Since it was supposed to be for Christmas, and I could not work on it if Angela was around, I had to show it to Angela already. She loves it!
This afternoon, I think I am also going to start on a Pineapple Shawl I found at Crochetville!
whew...What a week....I am having a ball~!

More pictures to come...
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Rebecca said...

that wrap is definitely great! your seraphina is really nice. i really like the purple-great choice :)
can't wait to see what you choose to do the pineapple from, that's another great project :)

Wendy said...

That purple is gorgeous! I haven't been lucky enough to come across that color at Joann's.

I attempted the Serephina with the Joann's yarn and for some reason had problems because I was using the black and just could visualize what I was doing. Yours is looking heavenly!