Saturday, May 13, 2006

Popping In.....

I wanted to pop in and let everyone know why I have been such a bad blogger lately. Basically, I have not had anything to report, crochet or knit-wise. Bummer! I have been so busy with other things lately, I have only had time to keep up with my regular crochet pattern column and my website orders.
I DO still have Americana in the works, though! I have some half-finished designs, but, alas, I wonder when I will be able to finish those!
My husband has been doing major renovation on my downstairs rooms, which includes my office, so my house has been in total disarray for months now! Mind you, I am not really complaining, too much, because the end result will be beautiful, but it is very hard to work among the sheet rock dust!
The good news is that I will be getting a whole new office with new furniture out of this deal...Not half bad. I am excited about that, and we are on the home stretch now.
Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!
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