Saturday, July 22, 2006

Crochet Seasons

What a horrible blogger I have been lately! I get so frustrated, mostly because this is a crochet blog, and I don't have much to report on the crochet front. Of course, I continually have to work on designs for my bi-monthly column in Crochet World.
I am also working on some Spring designs for that are not finished yet, and it is almost time to start on designs for Christmas! Where does the time go?

Recently the owner of our local Ben Franklin asked me why yarn sales were down in the Summer. I explained that most needleworkers did not do as much knitting and crocheting in the summertime as they do in the other seasons. I told him several reasons for this is that kids are out of school, the weather is nice and people want to be outdoors, and heavy yarns are too hot to work with in the Summer.
So, I you crochet or knit in the Summer???
If so, what kind of project do you work on?
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