Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Crochet Hand/Wrist Warmers Pattern

I admired a pair of crochet Hand Warmers that were made by my dear friend and crochet pattern checker, Wendy. She was sweet enough to make a pair for me! Aren't these adorable! See the cute little button on the top right? I love, love, love these hand warmers and I thought you would, also. So I asked Wendy to write the pattern down for you and she was gracious enough to do so. Thank you, Wendy! ♥
Wendy is one talented lady who checks and double checks all of the crochet patterns that I release at Too Cute Crochet. If it were not for her, I would not know if my crochet patterns worked out so well for everyone. And that knowledge is one of the most valuable contributions to my pattern business.
It is fun to think that Wendy is now creating her own crochet patterns! Didn't she do a great job on this pattern? If you have any questions, let me know and I will send them to her. Enjoy! I will also be permanently posting this pattern at my free pattern site, Cute Crochet Chat Patterns. 

Crochet Wrist Warmers
Materials:  Caron Simply Soft worsted weight yarn (color of choice), H (5 mm) hook, sewing and tapestry needle, sewing thread for optional buttons, buttons (optional)

Gauge: H (5 mm) hook,  (sc, dc,  sc, dc) = 1 inch; 6 rows = 2 inches;

Instructions are written for Ladies Small. Medium and Large are in ( ). Wrist warmers pictured are Size Small

Row 1:  For Size SMALL, ch 25;
For Size MEDIUM, ch 29;
For Size LARGE, ch 33;
sc in 2nd ch from and hook and each ch across, ch 1, turn. (S - 24 sc, M- 28 sc, L - 32 sc).

Row 2:  Sc in first sc, dc in next sc, (sc in next sc, dc in next sc) across, ch 1, turn

Row 3:  Sc in first dc, dc in next sc, (sc in next dc, dc in next sc) across (your last stitch should always be a dc) ch 1, turn

Row 4:  Repeat Row 3 until piece measures S - 3 ½  (M - 5 ½, L - 7 ½ ) inches long.

When piece reaches desired length, do NOT fasten off. 
NOTE FOR RND 1: To work Rnd 1, you will be working around the entire outer edge of the wrist warmer completed so far. In the first part, you will be working DOWN THE SIDE of the piece; then you will sc ACROSS THE BOTTOM of the piece, then you will be sc'ing UP THE SIDE of the piece,  then sc'ing ACROSS THE TOP of the piece.

Rnd 1: Working in ends of rows, sc, dc, sc in first end of stitch, *sk next 2 ends of stitches,      (sc, dc, sc) in next end of stitch, repeat from * across; working around wrist warmer, sc in each sc (S - 24, M - 28, 
L -  32), sc in ends of rows, sc in ea sc across (24, 28, 32). Fasten off.

 Matching stitches, fold piece in half lengthwise; with tapestry needle and matching yarn, sew first S-7 (M-9, L-11) stitches together, fasten off.

Skipping next S - 4 (M - 5, L - 6) stitches for thumb opening, sew next S-13 (M-14, L-15) stitches together. Fasten off.

Sew on buttons (optional). 
Copyright 2012 Wendy Cozby  All rights reserved.
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BrandiJ said...

Thank you!!!

Brandi Schoch said...

You crochet wrist warmers are very cute. I think I need a pair(not really but I do have a fascination with wrist warmers). Thank you for sharing Wendy!

lbhaydon said...

Hi, this is the first time I've tried wrist warmers and I'm a bit stuck! I've done the first part so have my 3.5 inches but the instructions for round 1 are a bit beyond me, would it be possible to elaborate a bit?
I'd love to finish the pattern, they look so cute and it's winter here so my hands need some!
Thanks, Lisa

Grendy05 said...

Lisa: if you are still in need of help with round 1 please email me at and we'll go from there. Sorry for the long response time, my internet was down at home and my iPhone wouldn't let me comment on this blog.


Anonymous said...

I also have completed the first part but got stuck on the round...I've made it up a bit so hopefully it will turn out ok...A more specific description would be great, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am also at a stuck at round one. I would live some help. Thank you

Grendy05 said...

You are welcome to email me at

Nour H. said...

hi, am a beginner can u help me? what do u mean with "Working in ends of rows"... am lost here :S

Jocelyn Sass said...

Hello Nour,
When you are finished with the desired length of the wristwarmer (depending on size) you will then be working around the outer edge of the piece to complete it.
At the end of your last row, starting working DOWN the SIDE of your piece IN THE ENDS OF THE ROWS with the stitches listed, then work across the bottom in single crochet as mentioned.
I hope this helps you!

Anonymous said...

Could you show a video on what your talking about please. I'm a visual person. Thank you

Amy Durant said...

I thought I followed the pattern correctly but when I match the stitches and fold in half, it is too narrow. I repeated row 3 until it got to 3.5" but wheN i fold it, its 1.25" way too small for even my tiny hand! What am i doing wrong?

Karen said...

Love your pattern and I am starting these for my daughter tonight! Quick question- do I only go up one side with the round 1 stitch pattern and single crochet just the bottom? Or do I go around the entire wrist warmer, all 4 sides, before sewing the sides together?

Thanks for your help!


Jocelyn Sass said...

Hello Karen,
You are working around the entire outer edge of the wrist warmer before sewing it together!
I hope this helps!

Robin said...

If there were a video to watch, I'm sure I would get this, but I too am having difficulty when I get to Round 1. Even some pictures might be helpful. I have been crocheting many years, but this one really has me stumped. Please help :)

Unknown said...

Hello a bit if trouble. What do you mean by end of stitches? I've also been working this as a flat piece was it to be worked as a round? Cheers

Robin said...

I have to say I am confused too..either pictures or a video would be helpful I think. Can you explain? Even a row around the entire outer edge won't make it big enough to go around my hand?

Jocelyn Sass said...

Good morning Robin! I am sorry you are having difficulty. If the glove is not large enough after you have done a row around the entire outer edge, then perhaps your GAUGE is off. It is essential that your gauge match the gauge of the designer's whenever you are trying to crochet (or knit) something that needs to fit a particular size. The gauge in this pattern is: WITH AN H (5 mm) hook, (sc, dc, sc, dc) = 1 inch; 6 rows = 2 inches; so you need to make sure that YOUR stitches are equal to the above gauge: (1 sc, 1 dc, 1 sc, 1 dc) equals 1". If they do not, then you need to change your hook size to a larger hook (since you said it is too small) in order for the glove to fit around your hand. I hope this helps! Please let me know!

rmp said...,dc,sc around 1st ends of rows(skipping 2 sts in between), and then sc in sc sts on both sides and then in 2nd ends of rows ?? I am still a bit confused. my gauge is definitely correct

rmp said...

btw, rmp is Robin :)

Lani said...

Thank you for the pattern. I've have now made 3 pair. They're fun and look great. They are also nice and warm. Thanks again for the pattern.

Anonymous said...

I am also totally confused with the "end of stitch"...1st part is easy & directions are good...I'm not an expert at crochet so this is probably a big part of the problem...can you simplify the second part? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have a hat pattern using the same sc, dc stitch? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am also stuck Do I sc dc sc on the first end then sc at the bottom the second side and the top