Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Create Crochet Patterns" by Sara Duggan Book Review

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On Cute Crochet Chat, we were first introduced to Sara Duggan when she wrote a 
for me entitled "Designing Crochet Patterns Doesn't Have to Be Hard". It has proven to be a very popular blog post!

Sara Duggan has also written a book,
"Create Crochet Patterns: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners"
and it is well thought out and informative for those who wish to pursue crochet pattern design!

It is obvious that Sara put a lot of thought and planning into this guide. This resource guide is written clearly and is very easy to understand.

Create Crochet Patterns includes 10 well-written chapters, which contain lots of charts and worksheets, including common measurements, sample note taking template for your design, a pattern template (which could be used to submit to magazine) and a sample pattern tester contract.

Sara has included a wonderful Foreward by Kristine Mullen, pattern designer and tech editor from Ambassador Crochet, which will inspire you to feel confident about the 'journey' you are about to take!

It is indeed written for the beginner and has everything a budding crochet designer will need to get started.
But Sara does not stop there! She also gives you wonderful tips for marketing your designs for sale. She has included great resources as well.

The Guest Writers that Sara has included include Lisa Auch, 'e' Lee, Patrice Walker, Susan Dougill and they all give great information. There is also a guest interview with Joanne Scrace.

What are some of the questions that a new crochet designer might have that will be answered with this guide?

"What should I include in my pattern? What are the standard measurements used in crochet patterns? How many sizes should I include? Where do I find pattern testers? How do I take photos that will sell my pattern?"

If you are a budding crochet pattern designer, then this resource guide is a MUST HAVE for your crochet library!

Create Crochet Patterns is available for your E-Reader on Amazon for a modest price! Click the book icon below to purchase this booklet!

You can learn more ABOUT SARA on her website Crochet Business.

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