Friday, March 18, 2005

Seems Like Spring

Officially at 1:45pm today, Spring Break began for us. Yeah! It is so nice outside today, that it makes it even more official. It doesn't matter that everyone was complaining today that it is supposed to snow on Sunday, when it is really the official start of Spring! Even though I have been here for 12 years, I don't think that I will ever get used to living in upstate New York, where it can snow a week before Easter!
I am almost finished with Jacob's Easter Basket. The body is completely done, and I have one handle completed. I just need to complete the other handle, and sew it together, with plastic canvas sandwiched in between. My husband saw the handle last night and said, 'How are you going to get it to stay up?' The stiff plastic canvas works really well for that!
I would have had the basket completely done yesterday, but I spent the entire afternoon and evening working on a problem that should have never happened. I came home to find I could not get on the internet. Before I had left for work yesterday morning, I had downloaded a so-called Critical Update from Microsoft. After spending several hours on the phone with Road Runner from Time Warner Cable, it turns out that the update was a bogus one. It had fried several components on my hard drive and permanently changed my IP address, so that Road Runner did not recognize it to let me on the internet! This is all so very upsetting, especially because I have downloaded updates from Microsoft for years and never had a problem. I had heard about people now being able to duplicate Microsoft's Websites and make it look so real, but I just never thought to try and be sure that it was authentic before downloading anything from Microsoft. How would you try and authenticate it anyway?
Needless to say, I am very upset about this and I either have to reformat my whole computer or buy a new one! Why are such intelligent people who are capable of doing such things so malicious? Why aren't they putting this intelligence to work for good things instead of bad things? I will never understand it.
Anyway, I think I will go crochet the other handle and finish the Easter Basket. Crocheting always makes me feel better.
Just like Spring......................!
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Chelle =^.^= said...

Ugh girl!! Im so sorry that happened to your computer! I hope it can be fixed without needing a new hard drive!

So - when are you gunna post some pics on here? ;o)

jocelyn said...

I am actually going to have to buy a new computer because mine is just too old to reformat once again! lol
I am on my daughter, Angela's, computer now. I can't post any pics until I get my digital camera's software loaded on. I hope to do it today. I want to post the free patterns I have all done; and Jacob's Easter Basket!