Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Not Feeling Blue

Not feeling Blue tonight is not exactly a good thing. Don't you know I went shopping for just the right Blue Red Heart yarn for my Gingerbread Country Cutie, and couldn't find anything I needed at any of the stores I went to! I could hardly believe it, but no one seemed to have any blue to choose from! I already had Country Blue, and had been thinking about using it anyway, so I guess that is the color that was meant to go into her outfit.
Of course, I just had to buy something at every store I went to, though! With all the designer yarns available today, it is very difficult to resist buying them all. So I chose a couple I thought I might have fun 'playing' with, and picked up the new VK, and went to check out the next store.

At the next store, I was able to hold myself back from getting any more yarn, but could not resist picking up these cute notecards.


I know, I know, they are not crochet, but they didn't have crochet, so I thought knitting was certainly the next best thing!
I can't wait to try the new Moda Dea Tutu. I have something in mind for my next column, if it works out, which is never a guarantee.
But, of course, I need to finish the Gingerbread first!
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