Monday, April 04, 2005

Somewhat of a Standstill

Gingerbread Country Cutie Girl is coming along very nicely. I am somewhat at a standstill now, though, until I find the perfect color Blue that I want to go along with her dress, which is made with Red Heart variegated Sierra. Of course, I could be making the body for the Boy, but I guess I wanted an excuse to update here tonight!
Here is a picture of the yarn I started knitting the scarf with.

I held both yarns together, and was using #17 knitting needles, casting on between 10-14 stitches each time a tried a new pattern. I frogged it several times because I did not like the way the pattern was coming out, which was not easy because of the Carmen yarn. It is a nice yarn, though, because it is incredibly soft!
It seems I have also solved the problem of the Zen/Suede Purse, at least temporarily. My middle daughter, Cristina, has fallen in love with a half finished purse, that looks like a clutch, in the bright pink Suede, called Belle Star.

The picture of the swatch does make the colors look good together. She oohed and aahed when she saw it sitting on my desk, so she has convinced me to make her a clutch bag, lol, which is nearly finished! I will take a picture of the completed purse soon. I still want to make the original purse design I had in mind, though!
But, of course, I must finish the Gingerbread Country Cuties first!
I am anxious to find just the right blue for her. I think maybe Light Periwinkle might do the trick. Now I have to hope I can find it at the store.
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